Twice as Nice Bakery, Newcastle under Lyme

Don’t you just love it when a new gluten free place opens up near you? We’ve been very lucky recently – we moved in mid-December and the week before we moved a totally gluten free bakery opened within walking distance from our new house! We’ve also had a Pizza Express and Cappello Lounge which have opened in the last few weeks too. Anyway, Twice as Nice…

Twice as Nice Bakery sells only gluten free products – it’s the first of its kind in our area and the first I’ve ever been to. The owner, Laura Krippner, is passionate about gluten free baking (some of her bread recipes have won awards already and some have been shortlisted on the Free From Awards this year). She’d been wanting to open up a gluten free bakery to sell the bread as well as other gluten free produce. She stocks a variety of different types of products; both made in store and bought from other suppliers. Some highlights include:

  • Baguettes – really lovely to dip into soup – the baguettes are crisp (which I like) and the flavour is very good.
  • Anzac biscuits – a coconutty biscuit using New Zealand recipe (Laura used to live there) – I’d not tried these before and I love them!
  • Brownies – as I’ve said before on the blog, there are plenty of gluten free brownies around so for one to impress me takes a lot. Laura’s are some of the best I’ve tried in a while (and according to my partner are better than gluten filled ones he’s had recently!).
  • Gluten Free Oatcakes – extremely popular! Oatcakes (the savoury pancake style, not the crackers!) are a North Staffordshire tradition and being able to buy gluten free ones is fabulous. Twice as Nice stock Weston Coyney Gluten Free Oatcakes. I’ve bought the ready made ones as well as the mix to make our own (blog post coming on this!).
  • Voakes pies – I’ve tried a couple of pies and a quiche, all of which were great.

I also tried sourdough bread last time I visited, which I haven’t tried before. I tried a small sample and have to admit I had another piece before I left! I’ve tended to visit later in the day so often miss out on some of the freshly baked breads, cakes, and pizettes but I’ll be trying more in future I’m sure.

I can’t put into words how fantastic it is to be able to visit a bakery and know I can eat anything I want. I’m so used to looking out for one or two things I can eat in restaurants, shops etc. and even in the free from section of the supermarket I have to check as obviously the products aren’t just gluten free so some might be dairy free but have gluten in. It’s so refreshing to be able to visit somewhere that I know is totally safe and that I can choose whatever I’d like and not have to check the labels or ask any awkward questions about the ingredients. It does of course mean each visit costs a fair bit as I want to try absolutely everything!

In addition to it being such a great place for coeliacs to get food, it’s also a really lovely environment in the bakery. Laura is so passionate and it’s lovely to chat with her about her latest experiments and creations. I’ve also met some great people whilst I’ve been in there and always feel a sense of mutual understanding when you meet others who are following a gluten free diet. Some have shared tips and product recommendations, and others have shared their stories (I bumped into Sarah Leanne from Growing Butterfly one time and we got chatting about blogging). Laura has recently added tables and chairs so you can now enjoy a cuppa and a snack whilst you’re in there 🙂

I’m so pleased Laura took the plunge and opened a gluten free bakery in Staffordshire, and I’m pleased it’s so popular (I’ve never been in without there being other customers too). It’s great to have somewhere like this in my local community, and I hope it will bring others to the area to experience some gluten free delights (if you’re ever visiting North Staffs you have to try some gluten free oatcakes!).

Twice as Nice Bakery is at 3 Fogg Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs. It’s open every day other than Sunday. Full opening hours and further information is available on the website and Facebook page.

I highly recommend visiting if you’re nearby – maybe I’ll see you in there! 🙂



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