Gluten Free Favourites – March 2016

So many things to share this month – it has been a good month for new gluten free discoveries and re-discoveries!

Gluten free favourites - March 2016

Gluten free favourites – March 2016

Stokie Sauce – Laura from Twice as Nice Bakery (see my previous review) told us about this sauce a little while ago and said she was hoping to stock it, so when I last picked up some gluten free oatcakes and saw it on the shelf I had to have some! It’s a really interesting sauce and not at all what I was expecting. It’s thinner in consistency than I thought it would be, and more spicy, but it does work well with oatcakes and I’d definitely recommend giving it a go if you’re in the area.

Gluten free pikelets – another local speciality! When I got my gluten free oatcakes from Twice as Nice I noticed these with them and thought I’d give them a go (they’re both from Weston Coyney Oatcakes). I’ll be honest, when I got home I was wondering if I might regret the purchase as I’m not usually a fan of fruit in things like this (I tried to like hot cross buns this year but just couldn’t!). The pikelets though – well that’s a different matter. There’s only a small amount of fruit and it really helps to sweeten them. I love them with plenty of butter – delicious!

Heck Chicken Italia Sausages – we’ve had these before but I was reminded just how excellent they were when we had them recently. We just had a really simple meal of the sausages, sweet potato mash, and some greens, and it was wonderful. I did try a bit with Stokie Sauce too and it complemented them really well! So much so in fact that I had an oatcake with one of these sausages, some mozarella, and Stokie Sauce – delicious! I love the flavour of these Heck sausages in particular, and they’re nice and smooth too.

Pizza Express Gluten Free Dough Balls – they’ve already had their own blog post so I won’t say too much more but they really are delicious and I can’t wait to go back for more!

Tesco Free From Dough Mix – I didn’t think it would be possible to find a pizza base mix we would enjoy as much as Isabel’s (see previous review) but this really surprised me. It’s easy to make and doesn’t need pre cooking (though does need to prove for half an hour or so). It makes a lovely pizza base with a crunchy crust but a softer middle – the best of both worlds. We’ve had it twice now and both really enjoyed it (yes, it even got the approval of my non-coeliac partner!). We still love the Isabel’s mix when we want something lighter so will probably alternate between the two.

Gianni’s Cheeky Monkey Ice Cream – After learning the leftover Ben And Jerry’s Phish Food had been eaten in secret without me, I came across this ice cream in Aldi which is very similar but less than half the price! It’s chocolate ice cream, with swirls of marshmallow and swirls of caramel sauce, and chocolate monkeys. I think I might actually even prefer this to the Ben and Jerry’s!

What have you been enjoying this month? Any recommendations? 

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