Busy Bee Cake House, Newcastle-under-Lyme

A local blogger let me know about this great new place which has recently opened in Newcastle-under-Lyme and has gluten free cakes!

Busy Bee Cake House sign

Busy Bee Cake House sign

Busy Bee Cake House is a cafe specialising in cakes (surprise surprise!). They also serve a variety of hot and cold drinks (at very reasonable prices!) and sandwiches. They have loads of delicious looking cakes, and even better they have cakes which are suitable for a variety of different dietary requirements, including gluten free, lactose free, dairy free, vegan, paleo, diabetic friendly, and protein cakes.

We visited one afternoon after lunch, and shared two of their gluten free cakes. It was so great to be able to have a choice. We actually arrived just as they had finished a new recipe so we were the first customers to try one of the cakes (currently unnamed!).

Busy Bee Cake House

Busy Bee Cake House – unnamed cake

Busy Bee Cake House

Busy Bee Cake House – unnamed cake and Chestnut Tower

Both cakes were lovely and light (always impressive for gluten free cakes which can often be dense and crumbly). The chestnut tower was really interesting; it tasted like it had liqueur in but we were assured that was the chestnut puree. It was really delicious – the different creams and the light sponge base worked together so well. The unnamed cake (I suggested just calling it a chocolate cream cake!) was made with rice flour but as anyone who has baked with rice flour knows, this doesn’t mean it tastes like rice. It had quite a subtle chocolate flavour and was again very light. There were other gluten free cakes available too; one I’m keen to try is the vegan cheesecake which I believe is free of all main allergens and diabetic friendly too.

It’s a lovely relaxed atmosphere in the cafe; whilst we were in there there were some people eating cake and others who just came in for tea/coffee. The owners are very friendly too – they talked to us about the gluten free items, and came to ask us for feedback on the new cake as well as name suggestions. It’s a lovely light airy space with minimalist decoration (mostly branded with the Busy Bee Cake House logo or featuring photos of their celebration cakes). They can make cakes for occasions and are happy to adapt to your needs – when we were in there someone was discussing plans with them for a couple of birthday cakes. They had a Despicable Me Minion cake and a 3 tier traditional wedding cake on display when we visited and they looked great.

Busy Bee Cake House in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Busy Bee Cake House in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Busy Bee Cake House is at 6 The Midway, Newcastle-under-Lyme and is open from 10am until 6pm every day. I’m sure we’ll visit again and it’s a great place for meeting friends. Highly recommended!


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