I was diagnosed with coeliac disease on 31st December 2009, and therefore started the ‘noughties’ decade with a gluten free lifestyle. It’s not been totally smooth sailing (I’ve never knowingly eaten gluten but have suffered the odd mishap or cross contamination problem), but for the most part I’m now feeling much better.

My experiences with gluten free food however has been very mixed. Who knew gluten was so important?! I’ve had some very *interesting* bread, and been disappointed by many a crumbly cake. My own baking attempts haven’t been brilliant either. There are some saviours though, which it’s always nice to discover.

Gluten Free Joeyanne was set up to share my experiences, both good and bad, with gluten free food. The blog includes reviews of gluten free products, recommendations of places to eat out (or not!), and recipes/photos from my own attempts at gluten free food.

I also blog about my professional developmentmy crafts, and my nail varnishes. You’ll also find me on Twitter where I talk about any and all the above, plus work activities and occasional chat about dresses and cocktails.

Please do subscribe to the blog (either via RSS or email) using the links in the right sidebar, and feel free to leave comments on my posts or contact me directly. Welcome to Gluten Free Joeyanne 🙂


One comment on “About

  1. Weeks says:

    Let us know when you want to write about GF snacks again as we have just changed ours to GF.

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