David’s Brasserie, Trentham Gardens (Staffordshire)

One of the great things about moving to a new area is trying out new places to eat. Fortunately, there are lots of places we’ve found so far in Staffordshire that are able to cater for coeliacs. One that is fast become our favourite for a treat is David’s Brasserie at Trentham Gardens.

We first noticed David’s Brasserie when we went for a walk round Trentham Gardens on Valentine’s Day, but they were fully booked. They did confirm that they had plenty of gluten free options and stocked gluten free bread for sandwiches and starters, so we went back a couple of weeks later for a meal.

We went early evening and each had a three course meal from the main menu. We tried all sorts of interesting flavour combinations – many of which we loved (though you can’t love them all!). My dessert was my favourite course – a tonka bean panna cotta with a fudgey ice cream.

Tonka Bean Panna cotta at David's Brasserie

Tonka Bean Panna cotta at David’s Brasserie

The portion sizes for all course were great – nothing over the top, with a focus more on flavour and presentation. The dishes are presented beautifully!

We had a friend to visit this weekend and went to the Monkey Forest (next to Trentham Gardens), and afterwards we had another meal at David’s Brasserie. This time I only had two courses, but partly this was because I had a white hot chocolate instead of a dessert. You can buy the courses individually but they also have deals for two or three courses. I enjoyed the soup (shallot, garlic and rosemary) to start, which came with gluten free toast. For my main I had chicken breast stuffed with caramelised pineapple and wrapped in Parma ham, served on a bed of sautéed tenderstem broccoli and new potatoes, finished with a Malibu cream sauce. I was really intrigued by these flavours (especially the pineapple and Malibu cream sauce!) and I wasn’t disappointed; it was delicious.

Many of the menu options at David’s Brasserie are gluten free, for all courses, which is really refreshing – it’s so nice to be able to have a three course meal if I wish to.

I’m sure we’ll become regulars at David’s Brasserie – it’s certainly our favourite ‘date night’ type restaurant for when we want something a bit more special. It’s so great that there are so many interesting flavour combinations I can try despite being gluten free. The menu isn’t extensive (around 4 or 5 options per course) but it’s very varied and they change it regularly.

If you’re visiting Trentham Gardens or Monkey Forest (both of which I recommend!) I’d definitely encourage you to visit David’s Brasserie. They also do light bites for lunch (sandwiches, soup etc.), and the white hot chocolate is amazing!

You can view more information about David’s Brasserie on their website, including their opening hours and their current menus.

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