Gluten free dough balls at Pizza Express

Yes, you read right – gluten free dough balls! I’m a huge fan of Pizza Express – their gluten free pizzas are great and I love the fact that things are so clearly marked on the menu. However, their gluten free starter and dessert options were definitely lacking. So I was delighted to hear the new menu included gluten free dough balls. I was so excited in fact that I set a date in my calendar and we went to check them out on the day they launched. I must have been the first person to ask for them in the restaurant I visited as the staff had to check they had them and what they needed to do! So, are they any good?

I hadn’t been to Pizza Express before I was diagnosed with coeliac disease so I haven’t had the regular dough balls and to be honest I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I love the Isabel’s dough balls but have cheese in those and the regular Pizza Express ones don’t. They’re basically small bread rolls which are served warm with garlic butter. Pizza Express have said they’ve been working on the gluten free recipe for a long time so I had high expectations, and I’m really pleased to say they definitely met, if not exceeded, those expectations! The dough balls have a lovely light texture and a slightly crisp crust (though not as crisp as a crusty roll). For gluten free bread I thought they were excellent. They held together well; no crumbling. The texture was even throughout with no big holes.

I really enjoyed dipping my dough balls into the garlic butter, and enjoyed the flavour of the bread on its own too. I did wonder if the bread may have garlic in, but I think it’s just in the butter. My partner ordered some ‘regular’ Dough Balls Formaggi (though the ones with cheese) and tried some of the gluten free ones and he said the gluten free ones were very slightly drier in texture but not too noticeable a difference, and he’d happily have the gluten free ones.

I’d definitely recommend trying the gluten free dough balls next time you visit Pizza Express, and I’m sure I’ll be having them again. I just hope they stay on the menu as Pizza Express do change their menu frequently (the Noci are no longer available, or the full size brownie). For now though, I’ll be taking every opportunity to enjoy the gluten free dough balls whilst I can! I’m secretly hoping that if these are successful they may sell them in stores as part of their supermarket range (and gluten free pizzas too) – that would be amazing!

Have you tried the Pizza Express gluten free dough balls? What did you think? 

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