Daura Damm – Gluten free beer

As a coeliac, there are quite a few foods and drinks that you have to avoid. People often comment on how much you must miss bread, pizza, cake, biscuits etc. In actual fact it’s fairly easy now (in the UK at least) to get gluten free alternatives to most of these things. One thing that hasn’t been so easy to find until the last couple of years is gluten free beer. I remember going to a Coeliac UK local meeting when I was newly diagnosed and there was a gentleman there who loved beer and most of his social life revolved around beer festivals and CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) visits. This poor man had not just received a diagnosis of a lifelong autoimmune disease, he’d also had his social life completely changed. Of course he can still go along to these events, but he won’t be able to have any beer. Fortunately, things have changed in the last few years and I’ve seen more gluten free beer both in supermarkets and in pubs/bars.

I don’t tend to drink alcohol, and when I do I drink fruity ciders or spirits and mixers, but I have been intrigued about gluten free beer as its been years since I tried beer. A few months ago I was contacted by Daura Damm who kindly sent me some samples of their award winning beer to try.

I have to be honest, I discovered I still don’t like beer, but then I wasn’t a fan before so I’m not too surprised. I did find that this tasted much like I remember regular beer to taste like. I gave some samples to family members and friends who do drink beer, and the reviews were pretty good. Most said it tasted just like other regular bottled beers and that they wouldn’t have known it was gluten free if they hadn’t been told. One person absolutely loved it! One person wasn’t a huge fan but then they’re quite fussy about their beer and prefer real ale to bottled beers. Overall, people seemed to like them, and for those who have to follow a gluten free diet but enjoy the taste of beer they seem perfect.

Since trying these I’ve spotted Daura Damm in more and more places so it seems to be becoming much more widely available. As we’re coming into the Christmas season, these would be great to have if you have gluten free guests who like beer joining you. Although I personally don’t like beer, I know many people who do and it’s great that coeliacs and others following gluten free diet can now have an occasional beer if they wish to.

Daura Damm is available from many supermarkets – you’ll usually find it in the free from section rather than the beer section (though this isn’t always the case!).